Sorority Girls Can Change The World

Sorority Girls Can Change The World

Hey ya’ll,

So recently I had the chance to finally relax and sit down and to read a book. Now I know what you’re thinking, “that’s what you’re doing with your time off, reading?” Yes. I have been seeing a book all over my Instagram feed and have been absolutely dying to read it. I follow so many sororities based Instagrams and when I came across the title of a book “Sorority Girls Can Change The World”, I was sold immediately. In case you don’t know, I am apart of Alpha Xi Delta at Virginia Commonwealth University who is the best group of girls on campus. I was drawn to this book because anyone who knows me knows that my life goal is to change the world with a sprinkle of glitter at a time.

In the first chapter of the book, Katie Bulmer draws you in. Katie’s voice is very much present throughout the book which brings out hilarious and relatable moments. The book makes sure to address the power that sorority girls have and how influential they are among their peers and companies.

She addresses famous people who were Greek affiliated as well as what the importance of being Greek affiliated. One of my favorite thing that “Sorority Girls Can Change The World” elaborates on is peer pressure and dating life. She talks about having personal standards and about the life of going to frat parties and drinking. Bulmer essentially addresses the struggle that all sorority girls will face. Her book is extremely uplifting and makes you want to go out and immediately change the world.

Personally, this has become one of my favorite books of all time. A lot of the issues that Bulmer addresses, I have faced in my life. I have faced the struggle of constantly chasing after boys but getting nowhere. I have struggled with toxic people and losing my identity and who I truly was.

But most of all, I struggled with my connection with God and I felt like God would always forgive me and I would put him in the corner and forget about him until I needed him. I believe that this book is just the pep-talk that every college girl needs to hear and I promise you, this book will help you find your “Come To Jesus Moment”. Bulmer is such a kind soul with a great sense of humor. You will want to read this book all in one sitting from front to back and I believe that every sorority girl MUST read this book.